Why The United Bag-Toss League?

It's simple really, the UBTL was created by a team of people that enjoy playing bag-toss with their friends, the competition of the game, and basically hanging out and having a good time.  We designed the UBTL so that there are very few barriers to play in any United Bag-Toss League. It is quite easy to create a league wherever you live or wherever you want to play. Whether you call the sport Bag-Toss, Bags, Baggo, Cornhole, or Corn-Toss, the game is essentially the same. Having fun with your friends while enjoying the competition of league play is the UBTL's main objective. The United Bag-Toss League is designed to integrate a common bag-toss format with a proprietary handicapped system for players that will allow players of ALL skill levels to compete week after week. Using our proprietary UBTL indexing software, players from all over the country will be able to compete in United Bag-Toss Leagues, UBTL Regional Tournaments and eventually a UBTL National Championship where EVERY single team will have a real shot at taking home the title! United Bag-Toss League stats, individual player stats, team rankings, and players indexes will be available to view right from our website.  All members of the United Bag-Toss League will hold a UBTL National Index and be able to participate and compete in any UBTL Handicapped League or Tournaments. If you are looking for a National Program that will allow you to compete with any team, enjoy time with your friends, meet new friends and get in on the excitement of the first National Indexed Bag-Toss League, you are in the right place!

It's time to Even The Score!